There goes a cabbage
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From: David Hurd
Date: Wednesday, March 06, 2019 2:03 PM
Subject: There goes a cabbage
My Grandmother passed away on July 6, 1994. I actually lived with her for the last two years of her life. I am in deep guilt over not telling her how great she had been to us all and how proud I was of her going out at age 50 to seek employment in big city of Philadelphia after my grandfather passed away. Anyway, one day she told me about an article in Good Housekeeping written by expert on butterflies. One part of the article was about those common white butterflies (Cabbage Butterflies) with a black dot on each wing, and the author said whenever he sees
one he always says "There goes a cabbage!" She got a kick out of this and we both enjoyed the moment. I think I got sign from her last fall. One October day it was around 55 degrees and it was getting late in season for butterflies. I was sitting in back yard and a Cabbage Butterfly fluttered up near me and landed on a Daisy. It slowly flapped its wings. She (the butterfly) looked like she was near end of her life but she made my heart warm that day even though I felt a pang of guilt about things I said and didn't say to her. Miss you Mom Mom and so very sorry I was not a better Grandson.

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