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From: Denise
Date: Wednesday, November 11, 2020 8:36 PM
To: Denise
Subject: Re: Sign from a dog
I had her buried yesterday, she looked the same as when I last saw her but just looked like she was sleeping, in her little coffin with a pink liner, in a little chapel room and spent some time with her, I told her I love her and played special video on my phone for her of her “sissy”, in the past two weeks I’ve had unusual visits from little animals, today at a parking lot a little dachshund with her leash on wandered up to my car by herself without an owner, I approached her and she started walking and went back to her family, it was funny how she came up to my car. An hour before a little perky dog as she ran off turned around and looked at me, and the day after she died a little bird flutter around right in front of me when I was in my car . I believe her little spirit knows how her life was honored in this way with the little service and picking out a plaque for her. When I got home a squirrel playfully ran across this area where the bird appeared last week, I felt the squirrel playfully running was a sign from her how she’s free and happy now

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