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From: Denise
Date: Saturday, November 07, 2020 8:15 AM
Subject: Sign from a dog
I had been taking care of my moms dog for past several years, the last year she had a serious medical condition and had to be euthanized last week. Driving hime I felt warmth and tingling around my calves where she would always nudge me and I know that was her goodbye to me, as she always judged the bottom of my legs with her little nose. I had a dream last night that broke my heart I believe it was my mind processing the emotion of being with her in her last moments here on earth before she was out to sleep, I talked to and held her and showed her a video of my daughter playing with her some year’s ago she was focused on the video and I knew she could hear and recognize my daughters voice it seemed to mean a lot to her. I had a dream last night there was a baby elephant that was calling to come be with him, he and I seemed to be connected and someone told me he was calling me bc he wanted me to be at his side before he passed away, I saw the baby elephant laying there and he turned and looked at me as if to say come here and I went to stand next to him to be with him in his last moments and I woke up. I wonder if that also could’ve been a sign from her dog, the dynamic was the same but it was a elephant in my dream.

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