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From: Josies-angel
Date: Thursday, August 01, 2019 6:36 PM
To: David Owen
Subject: Re: Suicide - do you go to Hell?
Hi David,
Its my personal opinion no suicides do not go to hell. When someone commits suicide they have an illness like any other illness. It is sad that someone has lost all hope that they feel that is the only way to alleviate their pain is by ending things but unfortunately it does happen.

I believe God is pure love, He has created us, He knows we are not perfect,He loves us all why would he condemn us to a place of torture,in my opinion he does not but I do believe we should not go before our time because we all have our life paths and we must complete those paths or we may have to come back and have a do over in order to get it right because we did not get it right the first time.That in itself is enough to make us not want to leave before our time.

David like you I have read different views on what happens with suicides but I know God is pure love and I just dont believe for one minute that he would make any of us suffer for having an illness. Now this is my perspective and it may differ from others, I say go with what belief feels right for you. I do hope you are just questioning and not considering doing anything rash.

take care David and I wish you happy times

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