Suicide - do you go to Hell?
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From: David Owen
Date: Thursday, August 01, 2019 9:49 AM
Subject: Suicide - do you go to Hell?
I have read conflicting reports. Some say victims of suicide are welcomed with love in the Afterlife because every spirit is aware of our suffering in this life, whether it be from physical or mental issues and have compassion and understanding when they receive us. Others say that we are directed to a not-very-nice-place, a "holding stage" until we finish our lessons that would have been completed before we would have passed naturally. Others say it is blasphemy and we are directed to everlasting life in Hell for taking our life that is so sacred. I am confused. But do we join our departed loved ones in all cases? Or only if we pass naturally? I wonder if some of the writings are simply to prevent suicide.

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