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From: Denise
Date: Wednesday, May 22, 2019 12:37 AM
To: Josies-angel
Subject: Re: Hello
I’m glad you came on, I think of this as my a kind of family. I understand how you feel afraid of losing others - I have a lot of worry and fear as well about that it goes back to my childhood, I had a best friend who meant the world to me and to this day thinking of her makes everything better, even though I lost her after not that long the love and bond we shared continues to this day. But after her sudden death at such a young age I closed myself off and refused to play with other kids or have friends at school for at least two years. After that I made friends but it was different, I just wanted her and the friends I cared about and we had some special times but never like with her, she is always in a special place in my heart

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