Peculiar little bird
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From: Kate
Date: Sunday, December 17, 2017 7:25 PM
Subject: Peculiar little bird
I had made some Christmas candy and wanted to give some to my son and his wife but they live out of town. My son told me he would be working fairly close by and I could come by and drop it off. I knew the building he would be at because my husband had to work out of that building at different times.(the phone company) When I got there I had such sadness and deja vu. I remember when I used to meet my husband there and we would have lunch. It was all too familiar.

Well my son is going to get my truck windows re- tinted as a Christmas gift. So as he was standing there he tried to remove the old tint just to see how hard it was. It came right off.

This morning I went outside for a walk and I saw a little bird sitting on the side view mirror at the passenger side of my truck. He then flew over to the passenger window and sat there as if he was inspecting where the tint had come off. I wondered what the heck he was doing, peering into the truck? He then flew back and sat on the side view mirror again.
I continued to watch him and he did this a total of 13 times. It was so peculiar, 13 times? This was my husband's truck and I just wonder if we was telling me he was there the day I met my son at the old building he used to work in and maybe that's why it hit me so hard being there. It really choked me up. And does 13 mean anything special?

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