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From: ISOH
Date: Monday, August 21, 2017 1:13 PM
Subject: Update: Found
Tigerlilly made it home a few hours ago! I just learned about 20 minutes ago!

She was very hungry and a bit skidding. My dad said: "she acted like she was locked up somewhere."

I think someone may havevsaw her and wanted her. She is a very attractive black cat, with a Siamese shaped body. Huge green eyes. I always suspected she had Siamese in her and about 2-wk after she arrived at my dad's she gave birth to 3 Siamese-looking kittens: very funny to see a solid black cat nursing 3 white kittens! She, and her kittens are al spayed and neutered. The kittens do not go outside, but Tigerlilly went in a deep depression when my dad kept her in 24/7. I will advocate for him to supervise her outdoor time better in the future.

Thank to all !

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