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From: Josies-angel
Date: Monday, August 21, 2017 10:01 AM
Subject: Re: Prayers for Cat
good morning ISOH,I hope Tigerlilly has come home. I cant help but think she is very close by. Did your Dad do anything unusual on Friday or go anywhere?

ISOH,as you know cats can slip in and out and we never even realize. I remember one time Bill and I were preparing for a trip,we had our suitcases all packed and Bill had taken them to the car. I always checked on the kitties before we left and Im so glad I did. One of our cats Freckles,had crawled into the suitcase and he rolled it out the door,down the steps,put it in the trunk of the car. I checked everywhere for her and finally I went to check the suitcase and there she was.How she got in there and we zipped it up is beyond me but she did.

I have gotten home from the grocery store and while unloading my car,one of my cats had jumped into the trunk..the reason I am telling you this is they can be so elusive and we aren't aware of it.

I continue to pray for your Dad's Tigerlilly,I pray so much that she will be safe and be found. Please let us know. I thought last night I hadn't even welcomed you back and I see that our Andy has and I would like to extend that as well,it really is good to see you just wish it was a happier time for you. Take care, Love,Josie

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