Re: Signs or coincidence?
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From: Josies-angel
Date: Friday, August 11, 2017 9:51 AM
To: Kay
Subject: Re: Signs or coincidence?
Kay,there is no doubt in my mind that your Nana is reaching out to you in some great ways to let you know that there IS an afterlife and also to bring you comfort.She is aware of all the questioning that you are experiencing right now and she is letting you know that there is nothing to worry about,that life does go on and our loved ones never really do leave us.

I hope you will read through some of the postings here and hopefully will help you to know and accept that there is no need for concern.That we all have experienced a loss of a loved one and have had various ways of our loved ones connecting with us to comfort us.I have been coming here for years and I still get amazed at some of the ways spirit connects.

Kay,look at it this way,we have loved ones here on the earthly plane and all of a sudden they pass on.I believe God allows our loved ones to be around us,to check on us,to see us,to hear us and to even guide us in our daily existence.They can not interfere in our path that is in front of us but they can guide us.

Kay,I truly hope you will continue to come here and feel comfortable enough to continue to share and if you can please journal because you will be amazed years later when looking over those journals how much you have forgotten.Take care and rest assured that life continues on and our loved ones never forget us but are connected to us in probably a greater compacity then when they were on earth. Take care and welcome. Love,Josie

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