Re: Signs or coincidence?
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From: Tracy
Date: Friday, August 11, 2017 6:22 AM
To: Kay
Subject: Re: Signs or coincidence?
Hi Kay

Firstly welcome to this great site. I know from personal experience that when we first receive a message from our loved ones its very hard to get our heads around and I for one thought that I was going crazy when I started to get them after my son passed. But rest assured I have no doubt what so ever that is your nana sending you signs to let you know she is indeed watching over you letting you know that there is more than this life once we have finished here.

There are other lovely members on this site who have been coming on here for many years who have brought me a lot of comfort after I lost my son. Its a place where I can share all my signs or adcs (after death communications) as they are known as and know that everybody on here understands what I am talking about because they they to have shared theirs.

I hope that you will carry on visiting us here to share your adcs and read about ours as well.

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