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From: MKim
Date: Thursday, July 27, 2017 9:35 PM
Subject: Re: sign?

I received lots of signs from him.
multiple signs on the subject that we are going to be together in the after life. Before his passing, we were having this conversation whether God allows us to be together in the after life. My sister and my friend also received a few signs on this subject too maybe He knows I am a skeptic! It took me more than a year and lots of signs before I can understand his message.

I now believe our loved ones are around us. They can hear us when we talk to them. One time I had to attend a wedding in SF city hall. On my way, I was talking to him "Can find me a parking space. I accidently felt the day before so my foot is still hurt. I don't think I can walk that far". When I got to the City Hall and there was one parking space right there on the street pretty close to the building. I took the space but still wonder if I can park there. Not only that I tried to use my credit card to pay but having a hard time to use the meter. It did not take my credit card! Then a guy walked up and tried to help. He looked at the meter and said its already paid up to 3 1/2 hr. Why do you want to pay? I looked at him and said I haven't paid yet. He said maybe someone did. The maximum time that you can park there is 4hrs. Someone just paid for 4hrs and walked away ?! I think it was him. I was not a believer before his passing!

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