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From: MKim
Date: Tuesday, July 25, 2017 6:37 PM
Subject: sign?
My loved one crossed over almost 2 years ago. I received lots of signs from him. Some signs took me quite some time to understand his message. And there was a particular one (happened a few times) that I am still trying to understand. During the first few months I smelled marijuana a few times, pretty strong that it woke me with a headache. I even tried to look for it. No one smoke in my house or around my house. He did not smoke either. I was questioning is it a sign from him? if yes, what does it mean? Last week, I experienced the same thing and still wonder! I asked if it is a sign from him and what is it mean? The next night, I started to relate this smell to the medications that he had during his last months because of his cancer. And then I started to realize that it happened when I questioned "why he had to go so soon", particularly last week, I smelled marijuana that same night when I asked the same question.
Does anyone have similar experience or any thoughts on this? Thank you so much!

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