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From: Denise
Date: Thursday, July 06, 2017 9:33 AM
To: DonniesCarole
Subject: Re: It's been a few years now, update and special memories
Carole- hi and thank you, the best thing about this board is how it's kind of like a second family and others are happy to read our special hellos from past on friends or family.... I think it has a multiplying effect on everyone- those who share the adc are comforted by the encouragement of those interested in hearing and the next time those people show the same interest in those peoples adcs..all around helpful to everyone... Every time I read another's adc I'm encouraged and learn in some way, I think being the one who shares or the one who reads both help me grow learn and become a more empathic person more understanding of how spirit works and develop my ability or understanding of even those subtle signs from a loved one- so I also hope in turn my sharing helps others in the same way... Immediately after he past it seemed like there were quite a few signs from him and as time past I felt discouraged because the signs stopped or at least I didn't recognize any for a long time and then every so often one would pop up and I realized he isn't gone , he might be learning and experiencing and doing amazing things over there but began to take some comfort as I saw he hadn't left, he's still going to be around us and always will.. Just like he told my daughter that time xo

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