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From: Denise
Date: Wednesday, July 05, 2017 7:41 PM
Subject: It's been a few years now, update and special memories
I was so thankful I found this board shortly after my dad past Labor Day 2012... In the days and weeks after his passing both me and my daughter had many signs from him..its been quite a while since I've shared about him and so I wanted to share some highlight adc messages he sent back then and some recent ones although they're not very often these days

Labor Day 2012-- my dad past early in the morning, his favorite time of day... Around 11 am I got a call from my ex brother in law of all people randomly telling me he had a dream about me and my dad and was worried if everything was okay...( he wasn't aware my dad was even sick)

A few days after I was in a class...I felt a strong nudge to go outside, so I excused myself and walked outside the building.. I was surprised there was a very light rain, that only lasted 5-10 minutes..i felt this strong peace and also as if he was right there reassuring me

His service-- after his service my daughter during the luncheon walked outside and kind of wandered way over to a remote area by herself.. I could see her over there by herself sitting on a bench..I knew she needed time to sit with herself and perhaps pray or talk to her grandpa so I let her be. Later on she told me that her grandpa she knew without any doubt was sitting there with her, she said she felt led to go walk off over there by herself to that quiet area and she said she felt him there so strongly and in her mind heard his voice telling her he loved her??

Thanksgiving only about two months after he past-- this was I would say his favorite holiday, hard to say because he really loved Christmas a lot too but he was a cook and loved loved so much preparing from the night before the meal, took a lot of pride in that and hey for Hawaiian people it's all about food and family so yea he loved that holiday...I asked my dad that morning to please be around I was sad the first holiday without him... Later that afternoon me my daughter and brother were in the kitchen at my moms and getting some food ready, all of a sudden the dog started staring at the window adjacent to the front door , she walked over staring and wagging her tail at nothing, nobody was at the door but she got more excited and started barking and then ran over to the door sniffing and barking and wagging her tail... I just knew if I ever knew anything that my dads spirit had come that first thanksgiving around the time we usually got ready to eat around 2 pm--- my daughter was staring at the dog and she walked over and whispered to me mom i think Bella is barking cause of grandpa -- we just stared at each other amazed...I told him thank you for not missing it dad??

December 10-- I was sick which is unusual for me I don't hardly ever get sick but I was resting and my daughter came and told me as she was driving she heard her grandpa tell her everything will be ok and that he will keep an eye on us, she didn't seem to have any question it was him

More recently-- my birthday last year I saw a car right in front of me that said "Aloha" and "Maui no ka oi". This is rarely ever seen anywhere but Hawaii or the rare person who happens to be a native to Hawaii but it was exactly what my dad had on his car for many years so I took it as a birthday hello

Thanks to anyone who took time to read special messages from my dad!

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