Re: Fragrance of my husband
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From: Maryann
Date: Monday, December 05, 2016 2:19 PM
To: kate
Subject: Re: Fragrance of my husband
What a MARVELOUS ADC!!! The sense of smell is a very powerful way to send Love. And you can be sure he heard you and felt your intense love back. I don't think you "bummed him out" but just from personal experience suspect they can only stay at our level for certain periods of time.
From your description, you were "ripe" for his reaching through to you. Your mind was relaxed and open. It's called the Alpha state....It's when you are basically still awake, but your mind isn't focused on anything in particular and is sort of "zoning". He obviously was close by and saw that opening to step in and found a lovely way to let you know.

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