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From: Teresa
Date: Thursday, May 05, 2016 2:58 AM
To: Juanita
Subject: Re: Juanita
Hi, Juanita.

Glad to hear you were able to bring all your furbabies along. Do you have a nice yard for them, I hope? :)

That's great that you get to live in the same house/duplex with Derrick, yet have your own space, too. Sounds ideal!

So sorry about all your health problems. My granny had severe osteoporosis and a crumbling back, too. It caused her much pain in her later years, bless her heart. You've got quite the collection of health problems. Hope you can find a good dr. to help you with them all! Maybe a gerontologist would be a good choice -- they're more familiar with all the in's and out's of problems we older folks face.

My sister has a leaky heart valve, and got a pace maker at 60 yrs. old. They might also be able to replace the bad valve with surgery, if you want to do that. The pacemaker is less invasive.

Take care, and thanks for letting me know how you're doing. Bet you're enjoying Pueblo and visiting Colorado Springs. I love Colorado -- beautiful scenery! :)

Much love,


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