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From: Teresa
Date: Friday, April 29, 2016 6:45 AM
To: Juanita
Subject: Re: to Juanita
Hi, Juanita.

Wish I could convince Amy to see her doctor(s). Someone has a very "hard head"! :(

I don't know where you live in Colorado, but perhaps you could live in a lower altitude town/area, but nearby to your family members? I know the eastern part of Colorado is sort of plains, like our Amarillo area. Get you a mobile home there, maybe??

A realtor could help you locate a nearby piece of land for a reasonable price, I'll bet.

Is your heart giving you problems, or is it more like allergies, etc.? Hope you will soon feel better!

Know you're enjoying seeing all the family! :) Did you haul most of your pups with you, or find homes for them in Oklahoma?

So good to hear from you!



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