His number showing up again
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From: ShiningLight1967
Date: Thursday, April 21, 2016 2:53 AM
Subject: His number showing up again
Just a funny story of my husband's numbers that were shown to me this past week.

I think I might have explained this, so forgive me for duplication. My husband's number was 4. He wore it playing sports and it was a big part of his life. He incorporated it in everything, and his request for his Christmas present this past year was a hockey jersey with the number 04. (I got it, and had to send it back with a correction because they put 40 instead of 04)

This past weekend was a sporting event that was a huge deal in my husband's and my life. I brought him into this world when we met and this past weekend was my weekend to continue our tradition, but kind of a way of taking it back for me.

I arrived on Friday and noticed that demolition of building was taking place on the same side of the street as my hotel was on. I have done this event for years, and I usually walk to the event on the same side of the street that the hotel is on, crossing over to the event site a block before I arrive there. Since there was demo going on, I decided to cross the street earlier in my walk. This is a walk I have done for over 15 years, and have never noticed the addresses of the buildings around me. On Friday, since I changed routes, I noticed the address of the building a block from the hotel. It was "444". It kind of took me aback and I had to take a picture of it. I laughed and told him, I guess you are with me today.

The funny thing is, it was the second set of "444" I had seen that week, the first being on a license plate on a car in front of me earlier in the week.

On Saturday night, after the day's activities, a friend and I went to dinner. We were talking and for some reason, I looked up at the TV in the bar. A commercial was on and behind the faux news cast were the numbers "444". I laughed because the restaurant we were at was a tradition during this event. We would spend the day at the event and then walk over to this great fish restaurant for dinner.

I realized at that point after seeing the 3rd set of "444" that week, that even though I was trying to take back this event for myself... because I had gone to this for years before we met, he was always going to attend that event with me.

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