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From: Tracy
Date: Tuesday, February 16, 2016 7:08 AM
To: Staci
Subject: Re: Signs
Staci I lost my son 14 months ago now he was 19 and while he was in hospital on a life support m/c I had a dream where my son rang me to ask where I was. I believe now that was my first of many signs.The next came shortly afterwards where a picture of my son hanging next to one of his sister swapped places. I have been very lucky to recieve many over the last year. It has brought me immense comfort in my grieving process and I prey that he carries on sending them to me.

When I first found this site I read all the posts from top to bottom and it gave me a big insight to some of the wonderful signs that can be had. I truly hope that your precious boy gets to send you signs to re-assure you he is happy and safe.


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