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From: Teresa
Date: Tuesday, February 16, 2016 5:53 AM
To: Staci
Subject: Re: Signs
Hello, Staci.

Welcome to our message board. Everyone here has lost some loved ones, and will be very understanding. I lost my son at 6 yrs. old in 1981. It's hard, but ADC's help make it more manageable, knowing our loved ones are alive and well on the Other Side.

ADC's are explained and what kinds to look for on this site. Click on the "About This Site" button on the left, then click on "What is an ADC" and "Sample ADC's" to learn more about what to look for.

I encourage you to buy "Hello from Heaven" book by Bill and Judy Guggenheim and read it, for a more thorough background into ADC's. It's very interesting, and a good start on finding out what kinds of ADC's to look for.

People have gotten rainbows, butterflies, and birds signs from loved ones. Passed loved ones have appeared to them, or simply spoken to them without a physical appearance. Spouses have felt touches or cuddles in bed from a loved one. Some have felt their deceased pet jump up on the end of the bed, walk alongside them, then come right up in the person's face.

Too many types of ADC's to list! Love continues on from the Other Side. Trust your heart, if you see license plates with your son's name, hear a song on the car radio that he loved, glimpse him out of the corner of your eye -- he is around and sending you "Hellos from Heaven."

He wants you to know he is doing great on the Other Side. He wants you to have peace and be comforted!



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