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I really enjoyed your site and will visit again. Blessings to all.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
May 8, 2009
Hi Bill and Judy, I bought your book for a friend's parents. He passed away suddenly at the age of 39 in September, 2008, and they've been struggling. I told them my experience and bought your book to share with them more accounts to let them know that spirits are independent of bodies. I didn't see a story like mine in your book (although I've only skimmed as I need to mail it out soon) so I thought I'd share. I was 22, working at my first job as a graphic designer at an advertising agency. A girl walks in we're introduced - "Mercedese, I'd like to you meet Courtney." It was seriously a, "Oh, THERE you are!" moment for me. It was as if I'd known her for lifetimes. We became instant best friends. She had serious addiction problems though and a husband who was dying of AIDS. I was freshly married and made every attempt to "be there" for her at serious detriment to my marriage. I went with her to meetings, to the hospital, called an ambulance once to have her stomach pumped, sat with her next to her husband as he burned up with a 106 degree temp... It was exhausting. But it was never like I had a choice. I couldn't turn my back on her. It never even entered my thoughts. (As a side note, her husband and I intensely disliked each other - we both loved Mercedese but he and I never clicked. I thought he was sucking the life out of her and I'm sure he wanted me to mind my own bees wax). Finally, Rob (her husband), who had been in and out of the hospital half a dozen times was on the mend. She decided to take things easy and move back to Illinois to be near her mom. I was relieved for the break and wished her well. After a few months, he took a turn for the worse and she called to say he'd been in the hospital for a week. I told her, "He's the Energizer Bunny. He'll pull through. He always does." That night I was sitting in my office at my computer working and singing "Son of a Preacher Man" with my headphones on when suddenly a force went through my back, out my front and I saw clear as a bell Mercedese. The feeling that passed through me was PURE LOVE - not like anything any human has the capacity to feel - it was so overwhelming powerful I thought immediately thought it was a message that she was in danger. I took off my headphones and told my husband that we needed to warn her that someone was going to love her so much it would be dangerous. The next morning she called and said he had died. It took me more than a week to connect it - amazingly. She came back to California to sprinkle his ashes in the ocean and we went out to lunch. That's when things clicked. I said, "Did Rob die at 11 pm California time - about 2 am Illinois time?" She said no. I was stumped. "What was happening then?" I asked. "Well," she said, "he'd been in a coma and had gone blind. It was not looking good for him so I sat by his bedside and told him that he could leave. That was the first time I'd ever told him that." I told her what had happened. That when she was speaking to him, letting him go, that his spirit left and went through me. I told her that he loved her more than we can even comprehend. She just stared at me, unbelieving. "Okay," I said, "you were wearing a red button-up shirt. In the room, the walls were blue. Your back was to a window that had white blinds and pale yellow curtains. On the dresser over your left hand shoulder was a stack of papers, your baseball cap and a coke can. Now do you believe me?" That experience has given me a sense of peace and affirmation that we do go on. Thank you for your work with ADCs. Take care, Courtney Taylor
Yucaipa, California, United States
May 5, 2009
I want to thank you for this awsomesite!! I go to another adc site that has helped me so much and now I find this one!!Coming here today is an adc in itself.My Momma went home a year ago and I miss her something awfull. I have been asking her for a sign and here I am--asked her to see a butterfly and she collected ladybugs!! A lady here calls herself ladybug and the butterfly--maybe Mom directed me here??? Thank you again. Love & Light, Paula
houston, Texas, United States
April 24, 2009
Hi Bill and Judy Guggenheim, I have done a little research about ADCs because I have possibly had a few from my late husband, David Zimmerman. He died on 5/4/08 of cancer. I miss him very much but do know I will see him again. The first time that I was researching ADCs, my door bell rang and I do not have a button at the door to ring it. I know it was him letting me know he was watching over me. There have been others like lights getting dim then going off and back on. I truely believe we have the power within us to, if we are open to accept it. Thank you for your site to help others understand a little more about ADCs. Sincerely, Debra Zimmerman
Liberty, North Carolina, United States
April 21, 2009
Lake Mary, Florida, United States
April 21, 2009
hello from heaven gave me great hope that i one day would receive a message from my mother mary who died of cancer 20 years ago I miss not having a family and i love her dearly. I also think about gran and grandad and the rest of the clang i never met you all but i hope we all get to know each other again soon i would have and do love you all so much a second chance to have grown up within a loving family and not care is a hope in my heart love and hugs
west yorkshire, England, United Kingdom
April 15, 2009
an inspiration, an affirmation of love after life a solace for grief stricken parents, and everyone else.
Phowniz, Arizona, United States
April 10, 2009
My daughter Leah died suddenly on January 8, 2009 at the age of 22. Your book helped a lot to find solace and hope in the darkest hours of my life. I find comfort in knowing that one day my darling Leah and I will be reunited again. Leah, I am so honored of being your mother and I thank God everyday for giving me such a wonderful gift. Leah. I love you Leah and I miss you terribly.
Ossining, New York, United States
April 7, 2009
i think your web site is wonderful thanks for you help and your hope you have given me .i send you blessing and love from my heart thanks again!
canton, Georgia, United States
March 26, 2009
When my son passed, I got your book and it helped me so much.He passed in 1995,I buy the book for anyone I see that needs it and tell them to do the same for others. Thank You
Montello, Wisconsin, United States
March 25, 2009
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