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We lost our little angel, Daisy Rae Scott,on the 30th December 2005, after 2 days of her struggling for a breath. She was our third daughter and will never be forgotten in our hearts. Everyday is a struggle for us but looking at websites like yours just gives you a little bit of hope knowing that my baby girl is now one of gods angels and it gives me so much comfort knowing that One day I will be with my baby girl in heaven. Thank you for a lovely website for parents like us who can look at and get a little bit of comfort from.
Kempsey, New South Wales, Australia
January 24, 2006
After my wonderful wife passed away last year from breast cancer at the age of 48 I had the strangest thing happen. We had a cat for two years prior to her passing that, rarely, maybe once a week, would jump up on your lap to take a nap. The day after my wife's funeral the cat started taking daily naps on my lap, all of a sudden, just like that. I think she has something to do with that.
January 23, 2006
I lost my dad on 19/01/06 a few days ago and i found this website helpful because it explained the message he gave me psychically a few minutes before i got a call about his death. I have always had ADC from relative i have never met and I am happy my mother has always been supportive. I am happy to realise I am not the only one. People have always commented on how I get over death so easily but I know thats never the end and I will get messages from acroos the river when I really need them. I am scared of this gift though so please help me understand. I am a christian so some people say it is not a holy thing. I feel confused!
luton, beds, England, United Kingdom
January 22, 2006
i love my dad so much he died 1st december 2005 we spent so much time at the hospital as my dad had been so ill for such a long time he went and died on us i miss him so much i loved my dad with my heart and my soul and i dont know how i will go on with out him he was my mentor in life and now i am lost if you would like to email me my address is pamela thank you pam
Liverpool, England, United Kingdom
January 20, 2006
i want to mention my brother andrew he died suddenly on the 5th november 2004 he had a massive heart attack me and my family miss you so much
Liverpool, England, United Kingdom
January 20, 2006
I have collected ghost and angel stories, pictures and information from all over the world. Coupling this information with Near Death Experiences, Out-of-Body Experiences and After Death Communication, I am convinced that we live on after this body passes. The best way one could look at it may be, that this body is only a temporary vehicle on an exciting journey!!
Ohio, United States
January 20, 2006
I wanted to know if anybody really believes this because I really,reallly do! More than you ever know!
Norfolk, Virginia, United States
January 20, 2006
Nice site.I wish i could tell more, or something its impossible to believe. for no apparent reason the internet had lead me to something strange or creepy. If it was the spirits from my deceased friends or relatives, i have no idea...
January 19, 2006
You have a wonderful website. i only wish that i could have persnoally met michael landon. i feel like i have known him my whole life and boy do i wish that i had.
Kokomo, Indiana, United States
January 14, 2006
Hi I just lost my dad in an unusual way and I need to find out what happened. of course the police are done but I am not. I found your web site and have been reading it for days, it sure is nice to know I am not alone. Thank You Jenny
Milton-Freewater, Oregon, United States
January 9, 2006
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