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Mitchell B. Liester, M.D. "Hello From Heaven! offers ground-breaking evidence that death is not an end, but a beginning. Furthermore, contact with deceased family members and friends is shown to be not an unusual occurrence or a sign of mental illness, but a potentially healing experience which can happen to anyone. I highly recommend this book."
Mitchell B. Liester, M.D.
Rosalind A. McKnight, M.Div. "Hello From Heaven! has a compelling nature reminiscent of Dr. Raymond A. Moody's best-selling book, Life After Life. It offers inspiration, insight, and authenticity because it, too, comes from the 'soul of the populace,' which in turn recognizes the depth of the truth therein."
Rosalind A. McKnight, M.Div.
Researcher and Author
Soul Journeys: Explorations of Robert A. Monroe
Boyce Batey "Hello From Heaven! is an important groundbreaking work that provides a valuable contribution to the field of survival research. It is to the field of after-death communications what Dr. Raymond Moody's book, Life After Life, is to the field of near-death experiences."
Boyce Batey
Psychical Researcher and Executive Secretary
The Academy of Religion and Psychical Research
Darcie D. Sims, Ph.D. "At last! Hello From Heaven! is a message of hope for all of us who wonder if there is life beyond 'good-bye.'"
Darcie D. Sims, Ph.D.
Grief Specialist and Author
Why Are the Casseroles Always Tuna?
Mitch Finley "Hello From Heaven! is an overwhelming collection of 'endorsements' for heaven itself and the reality of eternal life after this life. We sorely need such witnesses to the fact that reality far transcends time and space. This is a book that will knock your spiritual socks off!"
Mitch Finley
Whispers of Love: Encounters with Deceased Relatives and Friends
Rev. Richard B. Gilbert, A.B., M.Div. "I commend Hello From Heaven! to you. Be open. Listen. Learn. Then be willing to share your after-death communication experiences with others so that they can begin to share their ADCs with you."
Rev. Richard B. Gilbert, A.B., M.Div.
Bereavement Specialist and Founding Director
Connections - Spiritual Links
John R. Audette, M.S. "Hello From Heaven! offers gentle kisses, reassuring hugs, and comforting greetings from departed loved ones. It serves as a reminder that everlasting life is a certainty. This well-written book is a must-read for those in mourning, for those concerned with death and dying, and for those who wish to probe deeper into the mystery of life and death."
John R. Audette, M.S.
Catherine A. Lammert, R.N. "Hello From Heaven! is a book one cannot put down. It frees you from the fear of death and gives the gifts of eternal love and everlasting hope. Yes, there is a heaven, a whisper away!"
Catherine A. Lammert, R.N.
Executive Director
SHARE - Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support; Author, Angelic Presence
Geri Colozzi Wiitala, M.S. "Hello From Heaven! is the best researched and documented book in the field of after-death communications. Each account leaves you full of hope and eager for more. It is a must for anyone who has ever lost a loved one."
Geri Colozzi Wiitala, M.S.
Heather's Return
Charlotte and Robert Hullinger "The questions asked by survivors of homicide victims are many. The answers are few. Hello From Heaven! offers thoughtful, researched responses to some of the most important questions."
Charlotte and Robert Hullinger
Parents of Murdered Children
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