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Dedication to ADC Web Site Family
~ from Karen ~

Sitting here before the screen
Waiting for my heart to mend
Trying to find some answers here
And so desperate for a friend

It seems I was missing out on love
Therefore, I missed my life
Even though I have my family
I am a daughter, a mom and wife

To be lost in my own small world
Was such a scarey place
I yearned for a little comfort
Or just a smiling face

One day while I was searching
With help from a little mouse
I found a source of happiness
With love within this house

This house was filled with lots of friends
Which now is my family
Now I share my life with others
In my home called ADC

So many people from everywhere
All join together as one
To share their hearts and stories
And to have a little fun

To make each other smile again
Or even share some tears
This is the place to spend some time
Like our heaven in earth years

I never felt so much love
All in one small place
Even if there's only words
And no one sees a face

It's what's inside of each big heart
That we absorb and carry through
That is why I send this poem
Because I found love in you.

My heart is now an opened door
My spirit now loves its life
My love is now unmeasurable
My back healed from the jabs of life|

My senses tell me there is good
My mind found the place to be
My soul is thankful for my friends
My connections and ADC family.


Ode to ADC
~ Jill Worth, in Australia ~

It may have taken a lot of years
And pain to learn the knowledge

It may have taken lots of love
And lots and lots of Courage

But finally they followed through
And came about an idea

To be of help to those in need
And take away the fear

For death had been an unwritten word
That most would never speak

They didn’t want to realize
They didn’t want to seek

There was no word that could depict
Or enlighten us to this matter

We would never dare to tell a friend
Too afraid of all the chatter

For if we spoke of ‘seeing ‘ things
Or hearing words of love

Or spoke of all the dreams we had
From our loved ones up above

People would stay away from us
And wonder what went wrong

And think that we had lost our minds
Our loved ones - “Gone too long”

But thankfully there came a couple
Who opened up this field

To tell the world there is a path
To which we all can deal

They showed us understanding
Of things we’ve all perceived

And proved to most the reason
Why we haven’t been deceived

So ‘thank you’ Bill & Judy Guggenheim
You’ve opened up this revelation

To prove to the world there is now a word
called - “After-Death Communication”

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