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Andrea Gambill "Hello From Heaven! is one of the most heart-lifting, spirit-soaring books I've ever read! How could we fail to be comforted by so many clear testimonies to the safety and well-being of our absent loved ones? These unimpeachable witnesses bring proof of the message we all long to hear: they are safe and happy. Love does not die!"
Andrea Gambill
Former Editor in Chief
Bereavement Magazine
Janice H. Lord, A.C.S.W. "We, at Mothers Against Drunk Driving, hear many experiences like those revealed in Hello From Heaven! This collection will, without a doubt, help survivors to know that they are not alone in having experienced an after-death communication."
Janice H. Lord, A.C.S.W.
National Director of Victim Services
Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD)
Tom Harpur "Hello From Heaven! adds significantly to the growing body of convincing research that death is indeed a passage to a new dimension of living. After-death communications now can take their legitimate place beside and even beyond near-death experiences as powerful testimony to the survival of 'those we have loved, and lost awhile.'"
Tom Harpur
Columnist for The Toronto Star and Author
Life After Death
Bonnie Carroll "When the American military experiences a line of duty loss, TAPS is there to support the grieving. Our survivors have found great comfort in the communications shared in Hello From Heaven! and its powerful message of hope."
Bonnie Carroll
Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS)
Kimberly Clark Sharp, M.S.W. "Hello From Heaven! offers the best - and most - evidence for after-death communication from our loved ones. It is a must read for anyone in grief or doubt."
Kimberly Clark Sharp, M.S.W.
After the Light
Mark Thurston, Ph.D. "Research studies with After-Death Communication, such as the one so well documented in Hello From Heaven!, are reawakening humanity to a vital realization: the continuity of life isn't just something to believe in, it's also something we can experience directly."
Mark Thurston, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Association for Research and Enlightenment
Pamela M. Kircher, M.D. "As people begin to share their near-death experiences, visitations from deceased relatives, and other mystical experiences with each other, there is a general growing awareness that a comprehensive view of reality must include these common phenomena. The stories in Hello From Heaven! are a valuable contribution to this new body of information."
Pamela M. Kircher, M.D.
Hospice Physician and Author
Love is the Link
Sarah Hinze "Yes, there are hellos from the departed, as shown by the impressive insights of Hello From Heaven! It is one of the most powerful and important studies on afterlife research I have ever read. My heart endorses this book."
Sarah Hinze
Coming from the Light: Spiritual Accounts of Life Before Birth
Father Joseph Girzone "Hello From Heaven! is a very exciting and well-researched portrayal of what has happened to so many people. It is well written and one of the few books of the type deserving of belief. I hope it finds a large audience."
Father Joseph Girzone
Roman Catholic Priest and Author
Joshua, Never Alone, and Joshua in the City
Catherine Johnson, M.A. "Our clients recommend Hello From Heaven! to others. We have a difficult time keeping it in our library."
Catherine Johnson, M.A.
Bereavement Services Coordinator
Weeks' Enumclaw Funeral Home
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