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From: Robin Kegley
Date: Thursday, March 07, 2024 12:14 PM
Subject: Mom & Dad's Support
Hello, Everyone,

I've been posting for many years the many wonderful ADCs, mostly from my parents. Here is my most recent.

When my Mom passed in 2005 (Dad passed in 1974 in a suburb of St. Louis), my younger Sister & I inherited her condo. We rented, or shall I say lent it to my sister's brother-in-law's daughter (LOL, there were years she didn't pay rent!) to her. Last summer We finally decided to give her notice. After a struggle (almost eviction), she's since vacated and my Sister & I have to rehab the entire unit. To say it looks like "Animal House" is doing it justice. Granted, it's had few upgrades since Mom bought it cash when our Dad passed in 1974. We found a contractor who'll do it-- for just a little less than 50% of the market price the condo would sell for after the upgrade. Long story short, to supplement a small mortgage we'll take out on it, as much as we've been approved, my Sister & I will have to dig deep into our life savings to get this condo fixed.

Now for the ADC. My Mom & Dad bought a bed room dresser set when they married in 1953. They bought it from a well known NYC furniture store on 5th Ave., that probably sold the set exclusively. It's cherry wood and quite distinctive with a sort of shell/fan shape in the center drawers. I enjoy "real estating" on the internet, and for all the years I've been surfing (18 years?) I've never seen it in any homes. In the past six months since our plans to finance and rennovate the condo began, I have come across the furniture set in 16 different homes, in Connecticut, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware and in a house 10 minutes away from me in SE Michigan. The distinctive fan shape was also seen in a breakfront in Massachusetts-- the first in the series of furniture sets to follow. To make this ADC more intriguing, I have never until the past six months surfed in Maryland or Delaware; the idea was a whim and just "popped" into my head spontaneously; house surfing never evolved into evolved into a "furniture hunt", especially since this NYC furniture line at 71 years old is rare and considered heirloom at 71 years old-- what are the odds? Now here's the encore, and I'm taking a deep breath as I write this: My Sister wondered what happened to Mom's reproduction of a portrait of a woman (looked like a da Vinci?) in the condo's living room (think she found it at a flea market). Less than a month later I surfed a home in a suburb of St. Louis where we lived when our Dad passed. It was a house in our old neighborhood. Under oath I tell you that painting was on the wall and the rest of the house was empty. I'm taking this as a profound message that we should go ahead with our plans with their support. If you are stunned with this ADC, please know you can't be any more stunned than we are. I'd like to close with some solid advice: Don't discount anything your loved ones send you. It's real.

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