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From: Marge
Date: Monday, June 05, 2023 2:03 AM
Subject: New here
Hi to everyone,

Hope this question is ok to ask. I’ve lost both parents, which at my age of 78 years is to be expected. My dad has been gone 57 years, my mom 15 years. Things happened around the house to let me know my mom was still hovering around after she passed like her light in her room flickering, pictures falling off the wall for no reason, hearing her call my name. Now THAT one really spooked me out! My dad on the other hand, never a dream except one right after he died. Now, in the past week it’s like he pops into my mind quite often, telling me who he’s with, life is wonderful where he is, and how I can’t begin to imagine how lovely it is there. And it’s like now when I think of him he has this glow about him, he’s so happy, smiling, laughing, telling me I have nothing to worry about, and his sister is there along with his papa who everyone thought had no chance of making it to heaven. Now I’m spending half my time wondering have I lost my mind, or is it him finally letting me know he’s still nearby. No dreams, all of this is happening while completely wide awake. I really have no idea what to think except to say it really feels like he’s right here with me. I haven’t told a soul about this for fear they might tell me I need a long long rest at Shady Pines lol
So,any opinions on this? Anyone?

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