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From: Diana
Date: Wednesday, October 19, 2022 4:44 PM
Subject: Hello
Josie, Carol... Do you remember me from years ago? I remember everybody and wonder how they are. I also remember you, Maryan. I'm reluctant to post because this site is identified as "not secure" on my computer screen. I've been popping in here from time to time over the years just to see how you're doing, sending a prayer and hug your way.

I'm writing a few lines today while my heart is breaking, bleeding and I can hardly breathe. My love, my heart, my husband left this world last year (which feels like this very moment). And a good part of me left too. I've gone through hard, horrific times. Somehow my fingers have found their way on the keyboard just to say "hi", looking for some kind words, knowing that if anybody understands it's you. I so wish some of the others were here too. It used to be such a warm, encouraging and understanding place... And I do wish the site was secure.

Sending you love, asking for your prayers.


PS If you're in touch with any of the people who used to be here, please tell them I said "hello."

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