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From: Anonymous
Date: Friday, February 04, 2022 1:38 PM
Subject: Visitation by deceased parent night they died
The night my father died. I lived 400 miles away from my father who was in a senior care facility for some time near my healthy mother, but he was in no way in any distress that would be of concern of impending death.
Uneventful evening, I read through a golf magazine, turned off the lights and fell asleep at around 11:30pm.
At 1:30am I awoke from a deep sleep suddenly to what I knew was not a nightmare (totally different than anything I had ever experienced), but is was startling and frighteningly “real”. IN MY SLEEP, I saw three figures floating towards me prone up in air with iridescent opaque white flowing robes (almost like wings) with light shining behind them. The one in center slightly ahead of the other two and the one in center just kept coming and traveled through my chest…All this in what seemed like a second or two.
That is when I woke up in somewhat of a terror, sitting abruptly up in bed, and panting like the wind was knocked out of me. It was frightening “like” a nightmare, but it was not like any nightmare I have ever had.
I turned on the light, composed myself (I’m the type that usually gets more focused and calm in an emergency situation, but this was clearly different than ANYTHING i had ever experiened. I reached for the golf magazine, read through a few articles, and 15 minutes later, turned off the lights and went back to sleep.
At approximately 2:30am, the phone rang… (NOT something a parent wants to hear in middle of the night), I picked up the phone, and my mother was on the line crying telling me Dad had died (she had just heard from the facility). After she calmed down, I asked her if she was told by the facility administrator “what time it was when be died” and she said she was told is was at 1:30am.
I then told her about my amazing experience and although she acknowledging that it must have been Dad and indeed an amazing thing to happen (and clearly made her feel better), she was in no shape to discuss it in greater detail.
After our call, I called my wife, then sister and brother over the next hour, and sometime later was able to get a couple hours sleep before getting up to take care of as much as I could that day before going to pick up my family the following day (two days after the “visit”).
That night (approx. 24 hours after the initial visit), I went to bed at around 11:00pm, not anticipating another visit or expecting anything...more focused on thinking about what I had to get done the next day before I had to leave to drive to the beach to pick up my family.
At exactly 1:30am that next night, the same type of thing occurred again, but this time it was a totally different feeling, more clearly experienced and seemed to last longer. Again, there were the three figures (I’m certain it was Dad in the middle, with his mother and father by his side), and it “looked” (I’m sound asleep) like I was looking up from the bottom of a large well with bright blinding light coming down from above. This time my father (center Angel) went THROUGH me again, but it was not frightening at all - it was like the warmest most comforting feeling one can experience…I suppose it is like the warm euphoria someone feels taking heroin (I’ve never done that but imagine it is similar).
This time I “heard” him say (telepathically I suppose but it was clear) “everything is going to fine - everything is going to be ok”.
There was no undo drama in my life at that time (I had a successful growing business and young healthy family), and I supposed he was just referring to what happens after dying, and/or keeping perspective about life’s problems when they do come up, etc. Don’t know exactly, but can say it has helped in handling times of stressful big challenges in keeping things in perspective.

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