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From: Robin
Date: Tuesday, June 29, 2021 10:32 PM
Subject: They Hear Us
Hi Everyone,

Haven't posted here in many years. I have had profound ADCs from friends and relatives over the years. I just wanted to share my latest with you.

I had a childhood friend, "Carol", from age 6 to 13 who lived in a lake community in northern NJ where my parents had a summer cottage. Besides being original Beatles fans, we had a teenybopper crush on 007 James Bond actor Sean Connery. We eventually moved and kept in touch until we were 20 years old (1974).

In the past 20 years I have done a relentless search for her, her brothers and her parents on the internet, thru mutual friends and old neighbors without success (due in part to their common last name).

The breakthrough came early this month when I found a 2017 obituary for Carol's parents who'd been living in California for the past 15 years, having moved there from Connecticut since leaving NJ.

Her parents, who were into their 90's and so lovingly devoted to each other, had just celebrated their 65th anniversary, so it comes as no surprise to many of us they passed apparently within 5 weeks of each other- Then the news: They were predeceased by their daughter Carol in 1979. (She was 25 years old).

I spent the next day in mourning and said to Carol, out loud, "Carol, send me a sign".

Remembering our 007 crush, I ordered a used copy of "Goldfinger", the movie that our parents had forbidden us to see in 1964 (we were in 5th grade). I said to myself and out loud: "OK Carol, we're old enough to see it now".

What is central to this ADC is the perfect timing (yes, they hear us!!!!)

A week before I had discovered Carol's parents obituary, I ordered a new air conditioner from a very popular internet home supply company in NJ just 27 miles south of the lake community where Carol & I spent our summers. It's one of those "through the wall" units, so I had to set up an appointment with the local heating and cooling company here (I now live 580 miles northwest of NJ) for the following week.

"GoldFinger" DVD arrived, and I watched it thinking how much fun it would have been finally watching it with Carol some 57 years forward and since. Very bittersweet. I said out loud, as if Carol were right next to me, "Carol that was some movie!"

The next day, when my a/c from NJ was installed, I had to find the serial number to register the warranty on the company's web site: On a sticker on the side of the a/c unit was printed:

Serial Number: DS 007 332L

I end this with tears of joy I share with all of you wonderful people who have received signs from your loved ones. May you have peace, joy and comfort in the lasting proof that: Yes, they hear us.


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