Our son???
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From: Kim G
Date: Tuesday, June 22, 2021 12:06 AM
Subject: Our son???
Three and a half years ago we lost our only child. Our 19 year old son, Jack, passed when home from college. We lost everything. Last Fall during football season ... we are all avid football fans... college and pro., we had a series of events we believe were messages from Jack. My husband and I were watching Monday Night Football... sometime around 9:30 I looked upstairs and saw the front bedroom overhead light was on. (This was the last room he was in) We have NEVER in 20 years had anything come on randomly in our house. We both looked up and went upstairs.. I had a chill and felt like maybe Jack had found a way to “wave” at us. We turned it off and smiled. I went up to the room the next day and talked to Jack and just said that IF that was him we missed him and hoped he would visit again. A few nights later we were watching football again... the upstairs was completely dark. Sometime after 8:30 I was walking by the stairs and the light was on again. We went up and once again I just had chills thinking maybe it really was Jack and that he was telling us he was nearby and still loved us. About a week later... again we were watching tv in the evening... the light came on.. again after 8:30pm. (It never came on at any other time) Finally a couple weeks passed and one evening I said..”Jack if that is you.. if you’ll just turn the light on one more time I’ll never ask again.” (I did not expect anything.) Anyway... about ten minutes later the light was on!
We went upstairs and told him how much we love him and to go enjoy his life but to promise to be there when it is time fir each of us to leave. It has been 7 months now and the light has never come on again. I know it sounds crazy and I wouldn’t believe it if we had not experienced this together. I really hope this was Jack and he just wanted to let us know he is okay.

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