Visits from my mom?
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From: Melanie White
Date: Thursday, February 18, 2021 11:45 PM
Subject: Visits from my mom?
Today, 2/18/21, I was googling how to communicate with loved ones who have passed in between calls at work, of course there were websites saying to have seances, use a ouija board, things like that, but those really weren’t what I was looking for. I put my phone down when I received a call and I greeted my customer who was calling to sign up for service and my jaw dropped, her name was almost the same as my moms. Her first name was Jan and not Janice like my moms, but her last name was the same and even spelled exactly the same. My brain still can’t comprehend what happened! There is no way that could be a coincidence!

A few months after my mom passed when I was crying so hard I wasn’t breathing, I heard her voice clear as day tell me “breathe Mel, breathe.” Like she did when I was a little girl. I was incoherently sobbing and her voice cut through like she was sitting there with me. It wasn’t just my rambling thoughts, this was her trying to tell me to calm down.

A few months after my mom passed, I had a dream that I walked out of my house and into the most beautiful garden oasis I have ever seen in my life. It was beyond anything I’ve known, palm trees, paradise! My cats that had passed away were on the trail leading to my mom and I picked them up and tried walking to my mom, but everytime I tried to get close to her she was still there smiling at me but never got any closer to me no matter how much I ran. It was like I couldn’t go further.

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