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From: DonniesCarole
Date: Thursday, January 21, 2021 8:57 AM
Subject: a sign from daughter and son in law
As you all know both my Daughter and Son in law have passed to the higher state of existence. I had to connect the dots for this sign, but then it became very clear. In order to understand it I have to share a little back ground. After my Daughter passed , I took my son in law to his Doctor's appointment, and as we were sitting in the car waiting to be called in, an older couple went in and the man had a walker and the lady had a cane. My son in law teared up and said that was supposed to be us, we were supposed to grow old together. Now more back ground. When my Daughter was 3 years old she used to sit at the breakfast bar in the kitchen and watch me cook breakfast, she would get a brush and pretend it was a microphone and she would always sing HIT THE ROAD JACK . Well as I was walking into the living room I glanced at the tv, nudged was more like it. There was an old couple dancing and the song playing was HIT THE ROAD JACK. I knew right then they were showing me they were together and healthy and happy.

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