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From: Rick
Date: Wednesday, January 20, 2021 9:20 PM
Subject: Orbs & Such
Hello everyone,
It's been about 4 years and 7 months since I posted.
Initially my first several posts were regarding the loss of my beloved Father in April 2016. I became my elderly Mother's caregiver until her death in April of 2020. I was completely devastated after losing her, having suffered a heart attack and triple bypass surgery only 5 weeks before her passing made it especially difficult for me, but I survived. Since then I've been busy, looking for answers. My Mother initially insisted on living alone after my Father's passing. She was very stubborn, (er...I mean independent). So a happy compromise was that we would equip the home with multiple cameras so that I could watch her closely throughout the day and night and the cameras would alert me if there was something unusual. Those cameras saved her life four times. Long story short, she continued to decline and eventually relented and I began living with her, preparing meals, cleaning, etc. Oddly, I began to notice anomalies on the alerts I was receiving from the cameras. Many times I was amazed by the Orbs that were becoming more and more common. I finally showed my Mother and she simply said, "I've seen them. It's your Dad checking on me." I was astonished! My very non-religious Mother, making a statement that there might possibly be an afterlife AMAZED me! Nonetheless, I continued to catalog each of the videos. Following my Mother's passing last year, I continue to maintain the home with electricity, WiFi Internet and those cameras. The anomalies that my Mother claimed were just Dad checking on her, all but ceased. However, the room most occupied by my Mother became extremely active and now almost a year later have nearly completely stopped. I'm not very tech savvy, but I have compiled a Wix website and a YouTube Channel with videos of these anomalies. I didn't know if it would be appropriate for me to share the Wix site and Video Channel here, so I wanted to ask first. Is that something I could share? I would truly love for this group to be able to give their input.
Thank you!
Atlanta, GA USA

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