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From: Josies-angel
Date: Saturday, August 01, 2020 5:19 PM
To: Maryann
Subject: Re: Prayer Please
Maryann, I do feel he just left but then I also feel something could have got him. My emotions are all over the place. I have an unusual situation here, Mack was mostly an outside cat while Sarah does not get to go outside but I raised her from approx 6 weeks old.

When Mack would come in she was always in his face and I knew it was annoying him as much as it was annoying me but I also understand she didnt understand why he could go out but she couldn't...A catch 22 situation.

Im not sure if Macks weight loss was not due to stress more than anything or he slowed his eating because the last 3 weeks its been very hot and dry here, lots of days in triple digits and as hot as it was he wanted to be out there. Plus I think I got on his nerves always bugging him to come inside where it was safe.

Maryann I understand what you are saying about putting litterbox outside but think there are some downsides to that. I do live in a rural area, have seen fox, raccoons, possums, and I have seen a coyote in our county not around my home area but not too far down the highway one crossed over the road as I was driving down it. Have heard that litter can draw other predators here and I do not want that.

I pray lots all day long asking God if he is alive to please guide him to where he needs to be, where he feels safest and cared and to please not let him suffer.even if its not here. If he has passed I know he is with God and I would rather he be with God than to suffer alive on earth

I have had hope but my hope is fading and I also wonder if he would even recognize his home and me if he was around, the longer he is gone the more I wonder that. It is a week today or will be at 1030 tonight. Even Sarah seems different since he has been gone, I even think she misses him, as crazy as that sounds.

I am going to reach out to an animal communicator this weekend I hope I can get some answers,I just need to know.

thank you Maryann,Carole and Denise,you guys are the best

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