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From: Josies-angel
Date: Friday, June 12, 2020 1:25 PM
To: Amanda Kennedy
Subject: Re: Was it a sign
Hi Amanda, I hope you are staying strong.

When I first read your post I felt like somewhere in my memories I had heard a doorbell as well. My husband passed in Dec of 2015 and today I got my journal out and was reading back over some of the signs and on Jan 12/2016 I entered this: "Heard an faint doorbell, not sure where that came from" and I realized then that I had remembered correctly.

Amanda, if you can please begin a journal about the signs that you receive from your precious son I promise you you will be glad you did when somedays in the future you will bring that journal out and you will remember things that over time have faded from your memory..

I know this time is very difficult for you but I promise you you will get thru it. I lost my 19 year old son in 1990 and I have a journal for him also and its so comforting to be able to read over the signs again. Your son is only a thought or whisper away talk to him he can hear you. If you ever feel like sharing about your son I would love to hear about him and I know others here would also like to hear.

take good care and stay strong

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