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From: Peg
Date: Sunday, June 07, 2020 6:47 PM
Subject: Thank you all.....
I knew this time was coming, thought I was prepared for it. In a way I am, but saying goodbye is never easy. With that said, I’ll get right to the point. My time is limited now, getting weaker with each passing day. Eating has become difficult, 40 pounds have disappeared in the last 10 months. I’m tired of fighting it. Haven’t posted much in the last year or two for obvious reasons, the last year being the hardest. Really missed being here and it makes me sad knowing this will likely be my last message to all of you. But I didn’t want to just disappear into thin air, just in case there may be one or two here wondering what became of me. Whew, getting choked up here. This isn’t easy, so I’ll keep it short. I hate long goodbyes anyway, always have..
To everyone here who has helped me along the way as I grieved over my mother’s passing in 2009, and also a few other relatives and friends as well, a big thanks for every word of comfort you poured out my way. You helped hold me up AND affirm my belief that the ones we love never really leave us completely. They’re just a whisper away! Can almost see my mom and dad now, big smiles on their faces. When my last breath comes, I hope in the blink of an eye, I take my next one wrapped in their arms and the arms of our Heavenly Father’

An old hymn comes to mind and I’ll say goodbye this way...
“If we never meet again this side of heaven, I will meet you on that beautiful shore”

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