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From: Maryann
Date: Monday, May 11, 2020 2:33 PM
Subject: Had an "Interesting" Mother's Day
Yesterday morning...Woke up to the news that one of "our kids" (We've had almost two dozen foster kids over the years.) was MISSING. She is almost 20 now, so on her own, but made a stupid decision about meeting a fellow in another town, hours away, for the first time, via an on line dating site. Her mother called me in tears and panic since it had been 2 days since anyone had heard from her and her phone was shut off..... The police got involved.

There were a lot of hours where all of us were scared and thinking the worse. Her mother asked me point blank...."YOU pick up things! Do you GET anything??? And what should *I* do?" I had to admit that I didn't get ANYTHING....and hopefully that was a GOOD thing. But I told her to light a candle and to SEND, talk to her. Her daughter just may "hear" her...(They are close.) She said she would...

About an hour or so later her mom got a phone call from her daughter... She was okay and coming home. We STILL don't know all the details, but our wayward girl called us this morning and is coming here for dinner, so we will know more.

What could have been an AWFUL Mother's Day, ended Wonderfully.... And yes, my OWN daughter was a loving support through it. (She's turning 23 very soon.)

Thanks for letting me share and VENT.

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