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From: Denise
Date: Saturday, May 09, 2020 6:25 PM
Subject: Orb on video?
this never happened before but yesterday I went I walk by this site ( it’s a residential street with condos) long back story but years ago 2 little girls were killed there. I put my phone on record and walked for maybe five minutes by the street it happened. When I played it back to watch it, I noticed the oddest thing, after the first minute of me walking, a small round green sphere it looks like maybe two of them, appear in the tape, following along with me as I walk- I didn’t see that as I walked, i saw it after on the tape, the 2 small green balls bob and follow along for half of my walk and then disappear.

The color was not a pale light green it was intense more like almost neon lime green, it’s hard to tell bc of the bobbing and traveling of the green sphere but looks like it might be two spheres.

Does anyone know about orbs of people who passed away compared to dust particles? I looked online I couldn’t find a lot, I saw that if it’s just dust it’s more likely would show up a lot of spheres instead of one or two distinct round spheres.

I kind of feel the spirits of those two girls were aware I was there and knew ones me for my short walk by, I’ve taped a lot of different places and never saw anything like that and another funny thing is when I went to reply it, it was going really slow, and stopped and then started again

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