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From: Denise
Date: Sunday, May 03, 2020 11:27 PM
Subject: my dad
hi again add family

Last week I posted about my dad coming through his photo on the wall.
Some years ago he got in a verbal altercation with this woman in our neighborhood who was a entitled bully, I remember being inside and heard him yelling out front so loud - he was a good hearted person but if someone pulled some kind of clear outrageous behavior he didn’t dance around the subject lol he was direct and to the point. Well this same woman recently began harassing me.
Last night I was so distraught over it I walked up to his photo and talked to him for a minute about that awful woman and how it’s affecting me, I said dad I you can help with this, she’s causing me so much stress, remember her dad?
I like knowing I can still turn to him, I went to the kitchen and got a drink and then I heard a kind of crash, it was really late so I was scared I didn’t know if someone had broken a window from outside etc, I could tell it came from the same room and first looked at the large window scared of seeing someone had tried to break in, I couldn’t figure it out the window was fine, I looked around and started to wonder i if I imagined the noise. I sat down and started to sip my beverage and calm down and I saw my dads photo the same one I had touched and talked to him about how awful that woman was being to me, apparently he still has some really strong feelings about her how she treated him and was now treating me- bc his picture had literally flown off the wall and had landed face down 4-5 feet away on the floor!!!

I still can’t believe it yet I can at the same time, he’s always been around but the force of the photo to fly off like that I know he was trying to communicate his anger and awareness about her and that he’s with me in this. Love you dad

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