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From: David Miller
Date: Thursday, February 13, 2020 10:26 PM
Subject: Grandpa
After my grandfather passed in another state, I was told by my mom there would be no funeral for him. A week or so later I had a dream I was at my grandfather's house and he met me at the door of his breezeway, and put his arm around my shoulder. and We then walked through the hall into his kitchen, then into his living room, and down the hall towards his grandfather clock at the end of the hall, then my alarm in my room went off, and I was pulled out of where I was, and I woke up. I realized that where my grandfather was now was a place of great peace, I longed to go back to where he was. I realized then it is in God's timing that I will see my grandfather again. That was the meaning of the clock at the end of the hall. My grandfather's arm around my shoulder meant his acceptance of me as a person. What a wonderful gift my grandfather gave me to visit me in my dream.

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