Nicholas - Loss of a Pet
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From: David Miller
Date: Monday, February 10, 2020 11:34 AM
Subject: Nicholas - Loss of a Pet
My cat Nicholas from my Calico cat Mandy's second liter, didn't come home one night. I was concerned about him.

The next morning I woke up to Mandy and a new liter of six baby kittens that had been born on my bed on the blanket I had put down for her to have her kittens on. This was Mandy's third time around having kittens on the blanket, so she knew what to do.

My roommate then told me after hearing the news about the new kittens, that Nicholas had been killed by a car, the night before, and he had taken care of Nicholas and buried him for me.

Though i was sad to lose my cat Nicholas, I now had six baby kittens to help Mandy with. One of the kittens from the liter later chose me to keep him.

I was on the sun deck one day watching the kittens for Mandy, and I asked the kittens which one wanted me to be it's owner, and one kitten named Tony walked over to me. Tony was my cat from then on and I had Tony for many years. He was a real blessing.

One night years later I feel asleep on the floor watching TV and when I woke up I felt something heavy on my back, I looked around and saw Tony purring laying on my back. Smile.

Nicholas I believe sent Tony to me to be my new cat.

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