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From: Peg
Date: Monday, October 28, 2019 11:42 PM
Subject: Voice
Woke up yesterday morning to the sound of a male voice calling out my name loudly. And it wasn’t a voice I’m familiar with. But I heard it plain and clear. I sat straight up in bed wondering “Who is that?” Wasn’t hubby because he was asleep in another room. And I know for sure it wasn’t my dads voice. I’m still puzzled because it was so real it gave me chills, couldn’t get back to sleep. It reminded me of hearing my name being called years ago in the cemetery putting flowers on my dads grave. There wasn’t another person on the cemetery and it spooked me so bad I made a dash for the car and got out quick as I could. Have any of you here experienced anything like this and what do you think it means?

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