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From: David
Date: Saturday, October 26, 2019 11:51 PM
Subject: Watch
I had always wanted a solar powered watch. I always was putting others needs before my own in my life. Lately a female friend told me her folks gave her a check for my friend and for myself. I was told to buy a nice watch with it for myself, and she would keep the difference. My friend has good taste and picked out the most expensive watch for me. I thought about it, and then said yes. There was no change left as the watch was over $100. I was looking for the meaning in receiving a watch, and I believe it has to do with God's timing. to be patient and wait for His timing on things. I believe Emily was behind my receiving this watch. I have seen ADCs I talked to, influence people in this realm to take action and do the most incredible things.

  • Watch - David 10/26/2019
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