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From: Maryann
Date: Monday, October 21, 2019 2:10 PM
Subject: Speaking of DIMES...
It's been awhile since my "Gang" left me a dime, but yesterday they used one to let us know they were present.

My 22 yr old daughter was trying out for 2020 Rodeo Queen in a town 2+ hours away from where we live. So we all trooped out... She and this year's queen drove our truck and horse trailer (with their horses), and my husband and I followed about an hour later in my car....

After the try-outs were completed and we were all waiting for the judge's....We were visiting with the grandmother of another applicant. I looked down for some reason and there in front of me was a dime in the dirt. Bri's grandparents were there!

No, she didn't get the title, BUT she was urged by 3 people there to apply at another Rodeo (which is actually closer to us). She came home yesterday afternoon and sent in her application... Actual try-outs with her horse (my mare) are this coming weekend.

The highlight for ME was knowing that our whole family was in the "audience"...

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