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From: Peg
Date: Friday, September 13, 2019 6:55 PM
Subject: Thoughts
I hear different beliefs from different people. Some say reincarnation is false. Another person says we’re dead in our graves till resurrection day. Then another one will tell me the moment we die we go straight to heaven.... or hell to burn for all eternity. Seems no two people agree and the older I get the more confused I get. Guess I have too much time being bedridden and all these people pulling me in different directions. I know some here that believe we come back till our souls are perfected and that’s how I hope it is. Would love to hear opinions on this subject since I feel like my time is running out. Amazing how quickly we reach this point in time.. seems like only yesterday I was just a little kid... now I want that time back. It all went too fast.....

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