I’m not six anymore
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From: Denise
Date: Saturday, June 15, 2019 10:46 PM
Subject: I’m not six anymore
My beautiful love my best friend visited me recently. It’s hard for describe—- I have wrestled over the years why why she was too young! That shouldn’t have happened it’s not fair she was only six!! I went over and vernand over what if’s - finally couple weeks ago she came to me with her soft gentle energy— I felt like she was standing in front of me at six her golden hair and silky giggle I told her it’s not fair- started to cry and then a shift happened I never experienced that before- I saw her transform from little girl to energy hard to explain-‘she asked me “can you accept me now for who I am now, you see I’m not stuck as the little girl, I’m not six anymore- you can enjoy memories of that time but I was meant to transform at the time I did- I’m not stuck or six anymore- with total love that I felt she wanted me to let go of being stuck in that fixed time and only seeing her as little girl who shouldn’t have died- I felt her helping me move up and over to see who she is now- I don’t know if this makes sense but it was such a release - while I won’t ever really understand why God determined that to be her time my Vicki’s loving visit that day helps me now to understand it was her time and she’s okay she is the beautiful spirit God made her to be that is one thing that never will change. Love you Vicki

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