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From: Dan
Date: Saturday, September 29, 2018 1:07 AM
Subject: Second Sign
My second sign came this past Tuesday morning. Let me start by saying, that on Monday morning before work I discovered that my ill cousin had passed, and needless to say the rest of the day was rather difficult with regards to my anxiety.

The following morning as I started work, I was in constant contact with my mother, about how my family was holding up with regards to my cousin. I had been expecting a reply from her, when a work colleague made his way over to my desk to mention that he would be leaving early because his father had passed. As he explained the circumstances I couldn't help but think of my own cousin who had just passed, but to my surprise my friend's name popped into my mind as well. I did my best to offer my coworker my condolences as he gathered his things to take the rest of the day and I returned to my desk. Upon checking my phone I noticed I had notifications for two texts: one from my mother, the second from an unknown number. I opened the second text and found it read: "Hi, it's [Friend's Name] from Rock the Vote..." I knew it was from a site alerting me to remember to vote, but I hadn't received any calls, texts, or emails in over a year. More importantly, the fact that the person who contacted me had my friend's name was just amazing. I really feel that she noticed that with my cousin passing, and my colleagues dad passing I needed some sense of comfort. I feel she was saying hi to let me know it was okay, in a moment when my anxiety would have been through the roof otherwise. Thanks M..!

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