my daughter saw my dad
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From: Denise
Date: Friday, August 10, 2018 11:49 PM
Subject: my daughter saw my dad
She came over couple hours ago, to here where I am in the house my dad was original owner of and she grew up in ( as did I)
I was in tv room she was in other part of house, after a while she came to join me in tv room. She told me “you know I just saw grandpa in the kitchen, he was by microwave, “
Around 2012 or 2013 one time she reported she saw a glimpse of him in backyard. I was so excited I haven’t had anything major like that and I was bugging her to tell me all the details, was he wearing his windbreaker, etc, she said it looked like this T-shirt he used to wear, he was just standing there when I walked down the hall, I saw him standing in kitchen how he used to do a lot, when he’d get his coffee....She said “it’s just natural, they just go on where they were used to being in life, they just go on..”

What was kind of doubly cool is that about an hour before that I was driving and suddenly without a doubt could feel very strongly the presence of my childhood best friend Vicki who died in childhood was hit by a car one day. She past away at the scene so I don’t believe she suffered too much- I think she ran out in street, next thing she woke up on the other side.
I didn’t see her, but I felt her presence in my car and said out loud love you Vicki....and enjoyed feeling how her presence lingered close to me for a while. Then my daughter later told me she saw her Pa standing by microwave. I like how she put it how it’s just natural, they go on....
About Vicki many years ago when I was just 25 she came to me in a dream. It wasn’t a dream it was her visiting me i could tell the difference. She was radiant and had no injuries, she was wearing velvet green dress like a princess. She said she wanted to tell me one of the mysteries of heaven and leaned to whisper the secret- i to this day cannot recall what it was what the mystery of heaven was- just as she was when she was little when we were friends, she liked to always tell me things as a secret and then giggle, whatever it was in the dream she whispered to me— it made me and her feel so much joy we just were laughing with joy- not how you laugh when something is funny like a Seinfeld show- but laughing from other worldly joy.
I wonder why she came to me earlier today in my car, I felt her so strong.
Funny that not long after my daughter walked out to watch tv w me and mentioned that she saw him- standing by microwave- and reminded me how back some years ago she had seen him in backyard for a moment.

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